How to Read Deleted/Unsent WhatsApp Messages

Sometimes some people send you messages on whatsapp but you’re not able to read it at that time.But when you open your whatsapp all you see is “this message has been deleted” and we understand this thing is too much annoying.Then you think about deleting this useless app because you’re so curious about what message someone (your gf,bf or bff) should have sent you😣😣. So, don’t take any tensions anymore as we are here to give you some solutions:-

Solution 1:-

There is an app on play store called Notisave which lets you read deleted messages on whatsapp.The thing this app do is that it save all the notifications on your device so if someone had deleted the message but you got the notification first,it will save it and you can read the deleted message very easily.So, follow the below steps to download it.

1. Install Notisave from play store.{It’s just 9.2mb in size}

2. Open on the app and turn it on.

3. Now it will automatically save all the notifications you get on your smartphone. Check if there’s any deleted message.

4. Now show the deleted messages to your friends and they will be shocked 😂.

5. Enjoy

But for this you have to turn your net connection always on and that’s a problem.So, below is the solution 2 to use MODDED☑️☑️ version of Whatsapp👌👌 which shows you even the deleted message 😳😳.So what are you waiting for?? Click below to get to the next page  ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️