Hawaii vacation : A dream you can never forget

Here in Extreme Hawaii Fun’s Goodie Basket you’ll find fun things to do, to buy, to rent, maybe just what you need for a dream vacation in Hawaii.

Vacation Rentals:-

Kaha lani vacation rental Kaha Lani:

Come, enjoy the quiet privacy of this intimate condominium resort on beautiful Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast.

Makaloa ridge vacation rental Makaloa Ridge:

This attractive one bedroom one bath, Hawaiian style apartment is located on the East shore of Kauai, often called the “Coconut Coast.”


Enjoy kayaking an exotic lazy river nestled in lush green valleys or explore hidden sea caves, and secluded beaches, snorkel with sea turtles, exotic fish, and swim through underwater sea caves!!!

Hale Na Ke Maile Kai:

Vacation Rental on a secluded sandy beach. It’s perfect for sunbathing, seasonal whale watching, snorkeling, small game fishing, or just relaxing


Attention: Mortgage Field Service Industry. Mortgagor Interviews, Property Inspections, Foreclosure Inspections, Bankruptcy Inspections, Occupancy Determination.

Extreme aloha:

Aloha is a very special word in Hawaii. To use it freely is acceptable, but to use it appropriately means that you know the special feeling behind the word; Aloha. It means that you see the mountains as drive down the freeway and still marvel at them after all these years. It means that you like the feeling of warm sand between your toes, and cool salty water against your legs. It means that you don’t mind stopping to pick up a piece of trash as you walk on the beach or sidewalk. It means that you remember to smile at total strangers, just because. Most of all it means you think Hawaii is one of the best places in this world to live, and you’re happy to share it with others. Do you have the aloha spirit? We hope that, even if you’ve never been to Hawaii, you will get a taste of aloha by visiting Extreme Hawaii Fun regularly. We will feature articles that feature the aloha spirit, that bring it to life. Please enjoy!