Cruising to Hawaii in the 1800’s

Back as far as the mid 1800’s, Hawaii has
been a favorite destination of travelers looking
for vacation on a tropical island. Around the
turn of the century, my great grandmother
came to Hawaii on a ship. She wrote in her
diary of the trip that the arrival in Honolulu
Harbor was an occasion of great festivities.
The young “native” boys waved and yelled
from the pier.

The beautiful “native” girls
smiled and danced hula. On a humorous note,
while on her return trip, a beautiful Hawaiian
princess was also aboard for a visit to San
Francisco. When the ship arrived in San
Francisco, my great grandmother wrote that
she saw her husband looking up from the pier
at the ship. She wrote that his face was
beaming. She was very touched by the
excitement her husband displayed upon her

She then noticed though as the ship
came closer that he was in fact looking at
another section of the ship. She turned to see
who he was looking at, and found his stare
was fixed on “the beautiful Princess”. Today
the cruise ships still arrive in Honolulu Harbor.
The festivity is still in the air, especially with the
renovation of the Pier 29, featuring exciting
Aloha Tower Marketplace .

However, most
travelers arrive in Honolulu via major airlines.
Most airlines service Hawaii regularly at
Honolulu International Airport and most
recently with direct flights to Hawaii and Maui.
The airfare to Honolulu averages around $350
from the West Coast, and $750 from the East
Coast of the United States. The best airfare
available this week is $352 from San
Fransisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Check
this page every week for updates on airfare
information courtesy of World Wide Travel,
Honolulu, Hawaii.