A really nice chicken pie


There was still some of that chicken left, so I made a pie with it.  The pastry was shortcrust, with 6 oz of flour with two spoons of oat bran, and about 3 oz of goose-fat and sunflower spread, mixed with a fork until crumbly, then with just enough water to make a dough.  I put pieces of chicken lining the base, then some stuffing, plus leftover carrots and one roast potato chopped up, and some peas.  I added seasoning and chicken gravy before putting the top on and crimping it.


It had 40 minutes in a 170 fan oven and came out looking good, and sliding effortlessly in one piece out of its foil dish.


I served it with some more chicken gravy and some sliced green beans.  It was very good, with pastry texture just right, and lots of different tastes going on inside.  I finished off the meal with some cold stewed apples and soy ice-cream.